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Current Announcements

Mar 28 TruckingSim Community - Stay Together Until LogisticsSimOnline is Ready Posted by dattac

With TruckingSim shutting down in a few days and LogisticsSimOnline still being worked on, if you would like to stay together as part of our online community then head over to:


We can all stay up to date on the latest developments for the new game. For the short term, this will be how the creator of LogisticsSimOnline will communicate with all of us.

So head on over and read the public posts or create an account to read information for registered users only (currently nothing in there, but there might be soon).

Thanks for the memories!

- dattac

Mar 20 New Game Info - Reserve Company - CURRENT CEOs and VPs ONLY Posted by dattac

Company Owners: OTRfan88 has completed DMing all the CEOs of the companies he found that were valid. If you did not receive a message at this point and you are a COMPANY CEO, please PM OTRfan88 with Subject "Add me Company Reservation"
Reservation deadline is Monday, March 23 at 12:00am EST. If there are VPs that have a retired CEO but want to take over on their behalf, please PM OTRfan88 "VP: I want to take over". He will be responding to all with details between today and tomorrow.

Mar 14 Shutting down Truckingsim Posted by jefffan24

Hello all,

I've made the difficult decision to shut down Truckingsim on March 31st. It has been a great 11 years running this game, which would not of been possible without Bjornski and his company solutionsource for hosting the game, its forums and the database. In addition to Bjornski I want to thank Dale for his help coding the game, Norman for his help with the algorithms.

I thank everyone for their dedication, including those who have stuck around even though I haven't worked on the game for quite a while.

Thank you everyone,

Adam (aka Jefffan24)

Oct 14 10/14/19 - 5 Drivers per IP Posted by dattac

We are going to start to allow 5 drivers per IP starting today. Please see this forum post for more information on this... http://forum.dattac.com/forum/topic/5-drivers-per-ip-household/

Mar 16 New Forum Posted by dattac

The old game forums are out of date and not letting new users sign up so they can post. The old forums can be used for historical information (reading old user guides / posts), but I have created a new forum at http://forum.dattac.com where all users can create a new account and post.

Feb 26 The future of Truckingsim (part 2) Posted by bjornski

I've made an announcement on the forums about TruckingSim's future.

Unfortunately, it's a bit too long to fit here. Please head over to the forums to read about Truckingsim v2.0 Open-source.

You'll find the thread here:

Feb 14 The Future of The Game Part 1 Posted by jefffan24

Hey guys,

I know its been a while since any kind of update but I wanted to make sure that all active players know there is a plan. You can read more about it Here, where Bjornski gives some info. We are working on the final documents now and will have a full plan to announce in 1-2 weeks. Just wanted to give you guys an update and we will have some big news soon.



P.S. - Full link in-case you missed it above: http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=5784&pid=56669#pid56669

Mar 06 Server downtime today Posted by jefffan24

In the last 24 hours we had the server go down due to some issues, because of this I have added 24 hours to everyone's route times, added 24 hours to all active contracts and reset everyone's exhaustion level to 0.

There may be some lingering problems with extra/too-few contracts while everything gets back to working order but everything should be fully back to normal within the next 16 hours or so (2 contract rotations).

If you have any problems please message me in-game or on the forums.


Dec 28 27/12/2013 - Update Posted by jefffan24

I have posted a lengthy update on the forums about the future of the game (*SPOILER* It's here to stay).

You can read all the juicy goodness at: http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=3969

As always if you have any questions/comments/concerns feel free to leave a comment on the post or send me a PM in game/on the forums.

Sep 11 CB recruiting guidelines Posted by Norman

Many of you will know that we have recently clarified the rules with respect to posting recruiting messages on the New Users CB channel.

In addition there is a new rule that you may not post a recruiting message within 12 posts of the previous recruiting message from any member of your company.

If you have not seen these new guidelines please take a moment to read the New Users Channel Recruiting Guidelines game guide

Aug 29 Server maintenance this weekend Posted by jefffan24

This weekend we will be performing some extensive maintenance on our servers and network equipment.

We've grouped together a ton of small maintenance tasks and updates into one and a half days of updating, patching, grinding and polishing. We will also be installing some brand spanking new equipment.

The work will be done on:

During these times, the site will experience several short outages. The total down-time, spread out over these two days will be roughly one hour.

I will be watching the server and will probably add time to all routes and contracts just incase we run into problems and the server goes down more than expected.

If you have any questions you can post them on the forum topic located at: http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=3359



Aug 19 New Developer Posted by jefffan24

We have announced a new developer helping me with the game. He has posted a welcome message on the forums feel free to read it:




Jun 28 Why I haven't been on and future Posted by jefffan24

I have posted an update on the forums about my activity and the future of the game. If you would like to read it you can do so here:


Feb 14 10,000 Drivers Posted by jefffan24

Today we hit 10,000 drivers. I've posted a thank you on the forums along with some pictures from the prestige update we are working on. You can view the update at: http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=2143



Jan 28 CB Recruiting Posted by Norman

We have decided to run a trial on CB recruiting. Until further notice you may post recruiting messages on the New Users CB channel. Recruiting is not allowed on the general and company channels. Recruiting messages are those in which you invite others to join your company or generally advertise it to other drivers. Please note that spamming the new users channel with recruiting messages is no more acceptable than spamming with any other type of message.

The game rules have also been updated in line with this change.

Jan 24 Access from schools and workplaces Posted by Norman

We are opening up a consultation on amending the account rules when accessing the game from a school, workplace or other similar location. We would like as many viewpoints as possible on this issue so please take the time to read the forum thread linked below and post any opinion you have on the subject.


Dec 25 Merry Christmas! Posted by Santa

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!
Enjoy your Christmas bonus!

Nov 06 11/05/12 - Life Update Posted by jefffan24

I've posted a forum post about what's happening with me and some good news for the game:


Please read it so you have an idea of why nothing has happened in the last month or so (not even really a peep from me) and also what is planned for the next few weeks.



Jul 22 07/21/12 - Current State of "Things" Posted by jefffan24

In this update I give information on the lack of updates and what my personal future holds. I ask that you please read it and give your input as it will help me make my decision.



May 08 05/08/12 - Backend/Admin Panel Update Posted by jefffan24

I've posted a forum update about the recent update. You should read the whole thing to understand who is in power and what they can do to enforce the rules in the game. It also has important information about multi's


Again please read it fully!

Apr 24 04/23/12 - Additional contract restrictions and multiple accounts Posted by Norman

We have added the following restrictions to company contracts:

Main, subsidiary and subcontracts:
  • A company cannot bid if winning the contract will result in total potential contract penalties greater than the company's assets.

Subsidiary contracts
  • A company must have 5 active drivers to bid (this was actually a bug which has now been fixed).
  • There is a maximum contract size limit which is double the size limit for main contract bidding.

  • There are now size limits for subcontract creation.

For full details about the contract system please see the updated Company Contracts Game Guide.

Multiple accounts:

It has come to our attention that there may be some confusion about how many accounts each user can have. The rule is that you are allowed a maximum of 4 drivers per IP address, not 4 drivers each. This applies to every single location that you may access the game from. If you have other people at home/school/work also playing the game then it is 4 accounts between you, not 4 accounts each.

Up to this point we have not been very strict with this rule and so some people have more accounts than are allowed. However, in the near future multi-checking will be done automatically by the game. If you are in violation of this rule then this is your last chance to rectify the situation before accounts are removed from the game. If you have accounts that you need removing from the game use Settings -> Ask to be deleted.

Apr 02 04/02/11 - Terms of Service and Rules Posted by jefffan24

We have added both a Terms of Service and Game Rules to the game. You will have to agree to both of these before you can continue playing. You can read more on the forums:


Mar 31 03/31/12 - Jeff isn't thrilled Posted by jefffan24

So it came to my attention what those 2 blank companies were being used for and lets just put it this way: I'm not thrilled one bit.

We had 2 companies without a name and the only way to join/get to them was to know what the company ID was. If you knew this you could leave your company join these ones with blank names, refuel/repair using that companies assistance (so it didn't cost your real company anything) and then go back to your normal company.

I consider this to be a loophole/exploit and something that should be reported to the mods. But also should not be continued to be used after it is reported.

So as of now these are the new rules and the game will enforce them automatically:

1. If you leave your company you can not join it again for 48 hours. No more leaving your company only to cost another company money and coming back immediately, those days are gone.

2. Both blank companies have been deleted and the 5 memebers that were in them currently have been set to not being in a company.

3. Anyone who has used this exploit (for the 2 blank companies) in the last 3 weeks will get a 12 hour suspension for each offense (refueling is one offense, repairing is another).

4. By the end of this weekend we will have official rules for both the forums and game. When they are done you will have to agree to them to continue playing and using the forums. We have grown enough that it is time for this.

If you get suspended and feel you have a valid excuse/reason please message one of the mods or myself on the forums.



Mar 03 03/02/12 - 1 Year Posted by jefffan24

It has been 1 year since I opened this game to the public and I am thankful for that.

I have posted an update on the forums: http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=1670



Feb 29 2/28/12 - Updated company dispatch page Posted by Conroy

Dispatch page upgrade, a lot of companies will find this useful.
Forum link: http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=1665
I suggest you read!

Feb 10 02/10/12 - Update #2 - Large Update Announcement Posted by jefffan24

I have posted a large announcement (in length and what it is going to do to the game) on the forums. This discusses what I've been working on for the last month and half and what is in the future for TS. Please read this and comment if you have anything to say about it.



Link: http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=1638

Feb 10 02/10/11 - Update #1 - Citizens World Posted by jefffan24

I've posted a new update about Citizens World, a new game I'm working on with the Admin from Cyber Airlines.




Feb 02 2/02/12 - API v2 Posted by Conroy

For any website/software developer interested in using our data on their websites or applications, take a look at our new update:

Jan 27 1/26/12 - Small update Posted by jefffan24

When I decided to allow 4 accounts per IP I knew some people wouldn't use them for family members and would instead use them for multi's. I've said before I'm not thrilled about it, but its not against TS rules. It wasn't the point of 4 accounts, but we knew it would happen.

During beta we have found that users have been abusing the reset driver option. Resetting their multiple drivers in order to complete contracts faster and not get penalties. Due to this we have implemented the following change:

All accounts starting immediately, can only be reset once every 7 days.

If we find we need to be more harsh (no resetting fatigue, or limiting time before you can join a company) we will do so.

I'm sorry for those of you who are not abusing the system but this was getting out of hand.



P.S. Forum topic is here: http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=1617

Dec 25 Merry Christmas! Posted by Conroy

It's the time of year where everyone gives and receives.
Feel free to have a break from TruckingSim and spend time with family.

You have contributed to this game by signing up under testing environments, reporting bugs and sharing ideas.
We are very grateful of this and in return we have given $10,000 to everyone.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

-TruckingSim Staff

Dec 20 12/20/11 - Route Times Posted by jefffan24

We posted a new announcement about route times. They should be more realistic now.



Dec 13 12/13/11 - Beta is Here! Posted by jefffan24

Before you do anything you should 100% for sure read this update: http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=1509

It will explain all the changes we made for beta. Please read this before asking questions.



Dec 13 12/13/11 - Official Reset Time Posted by jefffan24

The official end of alpha and beginning of the reset will be between 12:00-14:00 GMT. http://forum.truckingsim.com/showthread.php?tid=1508


Dec 08 12/08/11 - New Pages Posted by jefffan24

We added a new update to the forum about the new bank and settings page. These were re-done to fix security loop holes if you want to read more you can do so Here



Dec 07 12/07/11 - Beta is coming! Posted by jefffan24

Beta is officially coming, a message has been added to pretty much every page in the game and a forums post located Here has been posted. Please take the time to read the forum post as to what is going to happen on that day!

Nov 22 11/22/11 Forums Posted by jefffan24

The forums have been opened up again and are now at a new URL (http://forum.truckingsim.com/). This should protect the game from anymore attacks on the forums (it makes it considerably harder to get to the game files now), and hopefully we won't be having any more issues again.

But they are open and if you go to the old address (http://truckingsim.com/forums) it will direct you to the new one automatically :)

Have a great day!


Nov 21 Extra time Posted by jefffan24

I have added 48 hours worth of time to all routes and contracts. I also set everyone's EL to 0.

Nov 21 11/21/11 - TruckingSim Attack Posted by jefffan24

Recently TruckingSim was attacked through an exploit in the forums. it was different from the first attack we had which used an upload file to run a trojan on the server. This instead used a script that ran one time and targeted certain file names on the server to add bad code. This code added code on the infected pages which attempted to install a virus on anyone who went to these pages. Once the server recognized an issue it automatically took the site down for safety.

Once myself and Bjornski woke up and found the problem we have been working on fixing it. All files have had the virus removed and we are working on making sure this doesn't happen again. We have taken the forums offline until we know for 100% sure that we are safe.

I would recommend EVERYONE to run a virus scan through you virus software (Norton, McAfee, Microsoft Securiy Essentials, etc..). Run a full scan on your whole system, this may take a while but is worth it.

I also recommend that you install MalwareBytes, click here to get it, its free and just click the download now button to get it. Once you install this, run a full scan from it. It will find everything that is not a virus (Trojans, Backdoor, Spyware, Adware, etc...). Again this may take a while but is worth it.

We are truly sorry this happened and if you have any questions you can PM me in game or send an email: Jefffan24@truckingsim.com, I will happily answers your questions.

Again we are truly sorry this happened and are working to make sure it never happens again.

Finally, I was expecting to have beta happen 1 week from today. This doesn't look like its going to happen today, we want to make sure everyone is safe first. So beta will be delayed by a few days.



Nov 16 11/16/11 - New Game Project Posted by jefffan24

I am proud to announce a new game I have been working on with the Admin of CyberAirlines. You can read more about it on the forums, but I want to put here that TS will not be effected by this. It is still my priority and I plan on seeing it through till the end. I had the opportunity to work on a great project with another great developer and I took it. Conroy will still spending his time working on TS and will not be transferring to the new game for the foreseeable future. Please realize that this is a good thing, and TS still has the priority.

To read more about this announcement go to: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1447

Nov 15 11/15/11 - Stock System is HERE! Posted by jefffan24

The stock system has been added to the game, we talk about bugs, beta approaching very quickly, and a surprise at the end if you read it!


Link: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1443

Please read this,


Nov 03 11/3/11 - Bug fixes Posted by Conroy

As all companies would have realised, the amount of cargo left on their contracts wasn't reducing even after a route was complete. After days of staring at code and checking logs, we have finally found the problem. We believe this bug was connected to the company collection percentage too.

You must start a new route in order for the contract to fix itself.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Enjoy getting your contracts completed :)


Oct 12 10/12/11 - File Security Posted by jefffan24

We were hit by a trojan horse today that modified some of our files. It was more than likely that was uploaded to our server from a form (such as on the forums or in-game). We have disabled all file uploading across the site (forums and game) which means company ads will not have images for a little bit until we get this patched for 100% sure. We also had to load a backup of all our files as some were compromised. All data is safe, they didn't not get to anything that is sensitive in any way also all files are clean and secure again.

We are sorry that this happened and sorry it took a while to fix, we are working to make sure this never happens again. If you have any questions please PM me and I will answer them.


Oct 11 10/11/11 - Mostly backend changes Posted by jefffan24

This is mostly backend changes if you want to read more you can do so by going to: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1406.

Sep 26 9/25/11 - Partial refuel/repair! Posted by jefffan24

This update is too large to put in here. You NEED to read it to understand all the changes! If you agree to this and do not read it we assume you understand all the changes that have been made! To read the update go to:


Sep 17 9/16/11 - Load Ticket Fix Posted by jefffan24

Since we implemented police we had an issue of tickets being given to people for being 0 lbs over weight. This has been fixed and you should no longer get a ticket for 0 or negative lbs over. This change does not change how tickets work (i.e. dropping the extra weight) or anything all it does is stops the game from giving tickets if you aren't truly over weight.

Sorry it took so long to fix!

Sep 10 9/9/11 - Load Police! Posted by jefffan24

We have added Load Police to the game, you can now haul over the legal load limit, however you do risk getting a ticket. You can read more about it on the forums:




Sep 05 9/4/11 - New Home Page Posted by jefffan24

Soon you will see a new home page with a new login system. When you try to login the first time you may be taken to the old login page and asked to login again. This is required to use the new login system. I know it seems bad but once you do this the first time you won't have to do it again (I promise!), and after this your password will be sent to the server completely hashed and safe from prying eyes on your network (in-case there are any). There will be message on the login page if you run into issues.

Thanks, Jeff.

You can read more about it at http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1318

Aug 30 Announcement and Update Posted by jefffan24

When you place an ad for your company and you include an image you agree to 5 rules:

Breaking rule #2 (Must have no offensive content (pornography, offensive words, etc...)), will result in a very long in-game suspension that will carry over to beta if it happens. I will not tolerate any profane, nude, or any other type of "bad" images in the game. We allow families to play this game and with that comes a responsibility on our parts and yours to keep it safe for everyone. Again, break that rule and I will have no tolerance and no mercy while suspending your account, your IP and any accounts or IP's related to that account. We WILL NOT put up with this.

Ok so now that we got that out of the way lets move on to the update :)

Distance Calculator

more info about the distance calculator can be found on the forums: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1309

Aug 27 8/26/11 - 2 new company features Posted by jefffan24

CEO Step Down and Declaring Bankruptcy (for companies) has been added to the game. Go to http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1298 to read more and get details about them!



Aug 21 8/20/11 - Fire Driver Posted by jefffan24

You can now fire drivers from your company. You will need the appropriate permissions and the driver you wish to fire will need to meet some requirements.

To read more about the info listed above, as well as an explanation of how to fire somebody go to: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1286



Aug 20 8/19/11 - New Company Page Posted by jefffan24

We have re-written the view company page. To view a list of bug fixes and changes go to:




Aug 18 8/18/11 - Update Part 2 Posted by jefffan24

Ok so I think I have most of the bugs fixed:

1. The route bug should be fixed, I really think it was the game getting confused over expired/not-expired. That should all be fixed now.

2. Only people with the correct permissions should be able to bid on contracts, same goes for creating sub-contracts (the button will only show up on people with the contract permission).

3. On finished contract tab the game not differs between failing and completing a contract. (If you fail the text will look like: Contract Failed!, if you complete it the text will look like: Contract Finished!

4. When creating a sub contract loads no longer get removed at creation, they are only removed as they are delivered. This should help with people who kept getting negative charges because their contract was finished. This is how the contract system was intended to work.

Things I added:

.... You can read more on the forums at: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1280


P.S Part 1 is located at: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1279

Aug 18 8/18/11 - Update Part 1 Posted by jefffan24

As you all probably know by now contracts have been causing a problem these last few days and I haven't gotten it fixed yet. Part of this was to being sick, another part was to responding to many PM's (sorry for any of you I snapped at), another part is that I can't find the dang reason to the problem.

I've decided that part of the problem is that some of the contracts in the game are part of bugs (people getting sub-contracts that have expired, contracts not being removed when they are supposed to, etc...). So I've come up with a solution (this is where Part 1 comes in). I have decided to wipe all active/finished contracts from the game completely and start fresh, but we won't start fresh until I get some of these bugs fixed. I'm going to spend as long as it takes today to mark all of these bugs as fixed and start brand new later today.

To compensate all companies and drivers, all drivers (whether your in a company or not) will receive $10,000. All companies will receive 3000 * total members, but I've put a minimum of 30,000 on it. So if you get more than $30,000 great! But you won't get any less than that.

I hope everyone can live with that. I will be posting messages across the game letting people know what happened to contracts and what is going on, and I hope to have them back up later today.



P.S. The same thing has been posted on the forums: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1279

Aug 10 8/9/11 - Slow roll out beginning Posted by jefffan24

We are going to be rolling out the new route page (Again) slowly. By doing so we hope to catch bugs as they pop up rather than being bombarded by a million of them at one time. IF you see the message: You are using the test version of the route page , you are part of the rollout. Please report bugs as you see them!



Aug 09 8/9/11 - Trying the route update again! Posted by jefffan24

Ok so we put the new route page and new select destination pages up AGAIN. We believe we got all the bugs fixed but we never know for sure until we release out to everyone.


1. Stop what you are doing, don't move your truck!
2. Click HERE and start a new bug report with your problem. We will get to you as soon as possible!

We need to see the exact circumstances something happened it is extremely vital that YOU DON'T MOVE YOUR TRUCK IF YOU RUN INTO A PROBLEM.

Ok I think I got that across, if you are having no problems just continue as normal and you should be good to go!

A forum post has been posted with this exact same information if you didn't get it the first time.



Aug 05 8/5/11 - New PM page - Conroy's Future Posted by jefffan24

We have released a new PM page that has been in development for a couple of weeks. It adds bb codes to messages, changes the autocomplete to a more friendly one, and more! Also in this update what Conroy is going to be working on for a while.

You can view it here: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1226

As always please leave your comments/questions/suggestions as replies in the topic.



Aug 03 8/2/11 - Route Update and some info Posted by jefffan24

We have re-done the route display and select destination page. They should look the same to you but on the back end they are completely different. We hope this will fix some of our bugs we've had with routes.

If you want to read the full update go to http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1216



Jul 20 CONTRACTS ARE HERE! Posted by jefffan24

Well everyone, finally after many hours of sweat and gallons of blood (ok I'm exaggerating) we have finally completed the contract update to the game! You should read the update at:


It is required so that you understand how this big change works.



Jul 11 Forum Rules update. Posted by Norman

We have been forced to add some simple rules to the forum. http://truckingsim.com/forums/announcements.php?aid=3

If you post on the forum you will be expected to follow these guidelines. Until such a time that we require game-specific rules the forum rules will also serve as a guide for in-game posts (CB, private messages etc).

Jul 08 New Update - Contract Progress Update Posted by jefffan24

No they aren't here yet, but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop of where we are currently. The update can be found at http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1098. I'm doing some pretty cool things with the contract page, read the update to find out what :D



Jul 06 Small Update - Forum Signatues Posted by jefffan24

Conroy has released his first update. It gives you the ability to have a dynamic forum sig that will show your stats, company, company position (if you are in one), and more!

Click Here to read more!



Jul 01 New Update - Proposed Contract System Posted by jefffan24

We have posted a new update about the proposed contract system. Now is the time to ask any questions, suggest any changes, comment anything at all. Also as you may have seen by this post we have implemented a new way to view updates. Some announcements will be forced like this one and you will have to agree to them to move onto the game. I'm sorry it came to this but after the last debacle and people not reading the updates I find this necessary.

We will only do this when we feel necessary :)

http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1070 - This is the link to the new update.



Jun 29 6/28/11 - Small Update - Route Changes Posted by jefffan24

We've changed how routes are paid out, it is now more accurate and we've fixed some bugs with it. You can read about the changes http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1062

Our guide and exact payment info can be found at http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1061.

Please let us know if you have any questions,


Jun 25 6/24/11 - Ledgers are here! Posted by jefffan24

The ledgers have been added, if you want to read about them and more you can do so at: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1052.



Jun 14 6/14/11 - Items, enhancements, fixes, and more! Posted by jefffan24

Today marks a big day. We've added Items, RMF's, enhanced the back, fixed bugs and much more! Read the update located Here to read about it!

Jun 02 3 Months Strong Posted by jefffan24

So we have hit the 3 month mark in the game.

I thank everyone for helping us get to 3 months. I have added an update that includes some things that weren't available when the game first came out and some cool stats, you can find it at:




May 30 New Update - The CB IS HERE!!!! Posted by jefffan24

You can view all the details about it here: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=991&pid=11365 I would highly recommend that you read this fully before using it.

May 26 New update - CB Radio coming soon! Posted by jefffan24

I have posted an update talking about Bug Fixes, the CB Radio, Items, and more!

Its a must read! http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=981



May 16 Small update Posted by jefffan24

On the my driver page beside the name will be a icon with the words "(pm)" beside it. If you click this link it will take you to the PM page to start a new message to this person.

Hope this helps some people who were having problems!



May 12 New Update - Bulletin System for Companies Posted by jefffan24

You can read all the details here:


May 06 Moderator Respect Posted by jefffan24

I have posted an announcement here:


Read it, understand it, as it begins now. We have had some issue with respect to our mods. They do this for free and deserve more respect than you give me, so from now on we are enforcing this to make sure they get respected the way they deserve.

May 05 Emergency Change to the PM system Posted by jefffan24

I have imposed a limit of 25 messages per 24 hours.

You can read more about it here: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=945

If you have a private question you can send me a message in the game or use the private feature on the Reporting System.


May 04 School update and the future of TS Posted by jefffan24

I have posted a new update with a lot of information about the what is going to happen in the next few months. I would recommend that you read it fully.




Apr 29 Bug Fix Posted by jefffan24

Today for about 4 hours EL did not go down, this was due to a change I made earlier that didn't show itself for a while. This has been fixed and the script has been run 4 times (reducing Exhaustion by 40).



Apr 28 Routes have changed again Posted by jefffan24

As some of you may have saw the routes page had routes of $50 ppm (yes $50 per mile)...obviously that is a bug. I had made a change to the late fees so that we wouldn't have $0 late fees and that ended up affecting PPM. This has now been fixed and cargo has been changed again.

Sorry for running it twice again but it comes with the alpha territory. Bugs are bound to happen.

Again Sorry,


P.S. ANY routes that were going to make over $10k will be knocked down to $10k. So if you had a $50k route it will be reduced to $10k.

Apr 27 New Update - Bug fixes and changes to the ad system Posted by jefffan24

Most of the bugs were small ones but easy to fix, and the ad system has gotten a small overhaul in the way it works. You can read the full update at:




Apr 16 Small Change to the Report System Posted by jefffan24

We have just made a small change to the report system. If you start a report you will now get a PM in-game that lets you know you have a comment. Also we did a design change on the open page bugs, so that you can see how many comments a bug has and we made better use of the space we have by combining the username and title columns.

Remember to start using this for any bug reports :)



Apr 15 REALLY BIG UPDATE! Posted by jefffan24

Located at: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=895

It is vital that everyone reads this, as it applies to all of you.

Apr 12 Company Assistance Posted by jefffan24

Company Assistance is now working, so if you are in a company that offers assistance for fuel and repair (or want to be in one) you will now reap the benefits of their generosity!

Apr 11 I made a boo-boo Posted by jefffan24

While working on the hot routes and temporary cargo's, I accidentally ran the script and it updated both the ppm/bonus of cargo's and the temp cargo/demand on each city. So for this mistake I've set each companies last cargo change to 0, so that your company can change preferred cargo's.

This does not effect anyone who is currently in a route you will still get paid the same.

Sorry this happened,


Apr 11 New Update - Smaller Update Posted by jefffan24

This update includes a company fix, and a setting change. Click the link below to see all the information.


Apr 09 New Update - View all members page Posted by jefffan24

Its finally here to view how to use the page and any other info click the link below:




Apr 06 New Update - New Stuff and Bug Fixes Posted by jefffan24

Added a new page when driving routes if you choose an optional stop for more information on this and the bug fixes click the link below.




Apr 03 New update - A Personal Request From Jeff Posted by jefffan24

This is a request from me to help Cancer research through Relay For Life. This is something that is personal and close to me. Below is a link explaining more and some links to the American Cancer Society and more.

Link: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=800



Apr 02 New Donation System and More!!!! Posted by jefffan24

We have announced a new donation system in which you get rewarded! The ability to change positions for company members and a pretty big bug fix.

Link: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=788



Mar 29 Terminals, Gas Prices, and more! Posted by jefffan24

Hey everyone,

We have posted a new update located at: http://truckingsim.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=742

This update has news on the future, terminals, gas prices and more!



Mar 28 L.A. Cargo Change Posted by jefffan24

The temporary cargo for L.A. has been changed due to an issue with XP required cargos. Both the permanent supply and temporary supply of cargos in L.A. were set for cargos that required a high XP. This has been changed manually and cargo script has been changed to make sure this doesn't happen again.



Mar 23 New Update Posted by jefffan24

We have posted our update on terminals in the game. I feel they will make an interesting twist in the game. You can view the update here: Here.



Mar 17 New Update Posted by jefffan24

A new update has been posted here: Click to view. The changes stated in this update will take effect immediately.

Mar 09 A few changes Posted by jefffan24

A list of all the changes can read Here.

Mar 08 Small Update/Fix Posted by jefffan24

Ok so I've gotten rid of the auto load on the all driver page. Now when you click on a page number the page has to reload but its still pretty quick. I've also added this little guy beside anyone who has been on in the last 60 minutes.

Mar 06 New Features/Bug Fixes Posted by jefffan24

We spent some downtime today fixing bugs and adding some new features go Here to view all the changes.

Mar 06 A small setback Posted by jefffan24

So you may have noticed that your driver wasn't where you left him/her. This is because I made a small mistake and essentially reset everyone. To fix this I had to bring in a backup of the database, this backup was from 12 hours prior to this message. I am sorry for any problems this has caused, but basically anything you have done in the last 12 hours is gone. Including setting your timezone (a new feature that is in the settings). Another new feature is the option to reset your driver, everything will be reset like you are just starting but you will not lose any settings you have chosen. This option is also in the settings.

Once again sorry all and thank you for your patience,


Mar 05 Who wants to know the time? Posted by jefffan24

For most people the games time is not in their time zone. So I have added a live clock displayed at the bottom of every page. You should be able to find it without any problems :)

Mar 04 Known Bugs Posted by jefffan24

Hey guys,

First off thanks for testing the game. The bug reports you have given have been a big help and we are on our way to fixing them. I have posted a list on the forum (located Here), this list will be updated as we find more bugs and fix previously known ones. Keep up the good work everyone!


Mar 03 Game Updates/Announcements Posted by jefffan24

This is where all game updates and announcements will be posted. They will be rather generic and may link to a post on the forum such as This. I hope you all enjoy the new announcement system!

So you probably got to this page because you saw the new announcement link. Now you want to know how to get back here? Well all you have to do is go to the footer (at the bottom of every page) and there is a link on there that says: Game Updates. Click this link and it will bring you right back here.

Thank you all,


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