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Mar 28 TruckingSim Community - Stay Together Until LogisticsSimOnline is Ready Posted by dattac

With TruckingSim shutting down in a few days and LogisticsSimOnline still being worked on, if you would like to stay together as part of our online community then head over to:


We can all stay up to date on the latest developments for the new game. For the short term, this will be how the creator of LogisticsSimOnline will communicate with all of us.

So head on over and read the public posts or create an account to read information for registered users only (currently nothing in there, but there might be soon).

Thanks for the memories!

- dattac

Mar 20 New Game Info - Reserve Company - CURRENT CEOs and VPs ONLY Posted by dattac

Company Owners: OTRfan88 has completed DMing all the CEOs of the companies he found that were valid. If you did not receive a message at this point and you are a COMPANY CEO, please PM OTRfan88 with Subject "Add me Company Reservation"
Reservation deadline is Monday, March 23 at 12:00am EST. If there are VPs that have a retired CEO but want to take over on their behalf, please PM OTRfan88 "VP: I want to take over". He will be responding to all with details between today and tomorrow.

Mar 14 Shutting down Truckingsim Posted by jefffan24

Hello all,

I've made the difficult decision to shut down Truckingsim on March 31st. It has been a great 11 years running this game, which would not of been possible without Bjornski and his company solutionsource for hosting the game, its forums and the database. In addition to Bjornski I want to thank Dale for his help coding the game, Norman for his help with the algorithms.

I thank everyone for their dedication, including those who have stuck around even though I haven't worked on the game for quite a while.

Thank you everyone,

Adam (aka Jefffan24)

Oct 14 10/14/19 - 5 Drivers per IP Posted by dattac

We are going to start to allow 5 drivers per IP starting today. Please see this forum post for more information on this... http://forum.dattac.com/forum/topic/5-drivers-per-ip-household/

Mar 16 New Forum Posted by dattac

The old game forums are out of date and not letting new users sign up so they can post. The old forums can be used for historical information (reading old user guides / posts), but I have created a new forum at http://forum.dattac.com where all users can create a new account and post.

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