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Username DjPorkchopPM this driver(PM)
Driver Created 28-11-2013 at 01:05:49 AM (1839 days)
Current City Southport
CB Channel 182
Nickname Porkchop
Driver Stats
Experience 68.2795
Driver Ranking 1,648 of 22,283
Odometer 291,741 miles
Tons Hauled 7,245
Exhaustion 0
Driver Bio
Names Ray. I am down South in Illinois near Kentucky. I don't drive for a living anymore. I stay home and design and build websites for people and brew my own beer and fire up the smoker. I live life as simple as I can most of the time and I try to enjoy doing it.
Truck Info
Name 2009 Volvo VT64T880 Odometer 360,371 miles Engine 83.95% Top Speed 97 mph
Purchase Cost $91,815 Legal Load 41,000 lbs Body 50.93% MPG 10.648 mpg
Tier 4 Truck Load 62,898 lbs +1000 lbs Tires 90.81% Fuel Capacity 284 gallons
Bank Info
Cash In Hand $4,872.76
Cash In Bank $734,587.89
Total $739,460.65
Company Info
Company Name REH Transport
Position REH Money Maker
Wage 0%


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