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Driver Created 04-03-2011 at 00:34:06 AM (3243 days)
Current City Phoenix
CB Channel 61
Nickname Big Daddy
Driver Stats
Experience 752.9212
Driver Ranking 108 of 17,735
Odometer 3,117,162 miles
Tons Hauled 49,355
Exhaustion 0
Driver Bio
Bulldogg trucking V2.3

[b][color=blue]At Bulldogg Trucking we believe the best way to help new drivers succeed is to give them great benefits such as 31 depots, 23 garages, 3 hubs and headquarters in Memphis[b][color=red]90% fuel [/color] [b][color=red]90% repair [/color]and only[b][color=red] 20% collect [/color] collection. [/color][url=http://truckingsim.com/view_company.php?cid=61] Bulldogg Trucking[/url][/b]
Truck Info
Name 2012 International ProStar Odometer 860,194 miles Engine 99.68% +15% Top Speed 104 mph
Purchase Cost $163,258 Legal Load 41,000 lbs Body 98.73% MPG 12.203 mpg
Tier 5 Truck Load 74,503 lbs -1000 lbs Tires 58.14% Fuel Capacity 295 gallons +50
Bank Info
Cash In Hand $1,022,401.36
Cash In Bank $25,956,363.31
Total $26,978,764.67
Company Info
Company Name Bulldogg Trucking
Position CEO
Wage 0%


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