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Username alpha user! Mr 18 WheelsPM this driver(PM)
Driver Created 04-03-2011 at 03:15:01 AM (2610 days)
Current City Vancouver
CB Channel newUsers
Nickname None
Driver Stats
Experience 483.3517
Driver Ranking 237 of 22,019
Odometer 3,559,624 miles
Tons Hauled 84,760
Exhaustion 30
Driver Bio
Founder Dedicated Shipping
Founder of Outlaw Trucking
Founder of REH Transport
Worked at M.X. Trucking for 6 months.

Truck Info
Name 2007 International 9900i Eagle Odometer 703,242 miles Engine 85.13% +20% Top Speed 93 mph
Purchase Cost $59,056 Legal Load 41,000 lbs Body 85.48% MPG 12.173 mpg
Tier 4 Truck Load 69,065 lbs +3000 lbs Tires 90.37% Fuel Capacity 268 gallons +50
Bank Info
Cash In Hand $10,558.52
Cash In Bank $34,410,985.29
Total $34,421,543.81
Company Info
Company Name Dedicated Shipping
Position CEO
Wage 0%


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