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Username alpha user! Mr 18 WheelsPM this driver(PM)
Driver Created 04-03-2011 at 03:15:01 AM (2395 days)
Current City Southport
CB Channel newUsers
Nickname None
Driver Stats
Experience 453.1342
Driver Ranking 231 of 21,233
Odometer 3,307,147 miles
Tons Hauled 79,888
Exhaustion 60
Driver Bio
Owner/VP Dedicated Shipping
Founder of Outlaw Trucking
Founder of REH Transport
Worked at M.X. Trucking for 6 months.

[color=blue]Looking for a reliable sub contractor that won't over haul your loads? And does it at competitive rates look no further than Dedicated Shipping.[color=green] Contact me if you need any loads moved

If you come back active we are hiring. We offer decent contracts and continuous work as I try to keep all contracts in a looping order. I offer 6% collection one of the lowest for companies and pay 45% and 65% for fuel and repair assistance. If you are interested click my company name in my profile and apply, you will be auto accepted. Plus I do one on one dispatching so we will work with you to find your best haul.
Truck Info
Name 2011 Western Star 4900EX Odometer 1,898,149 miles Engine 97.96% +20% Top Speed 105 mph
Purchase Cost $122,300 Legal Load 41,000 lbs Body 94.86% MPG 12.914 mpg
Tier 5 Truck Load 74,013 lbs -1000 lbs Tires 64.51% Fuel Capacity 295 gallons +50
Bank Info
Cash In Hand $13,030.60
Cash In Bank $26,200,842.35
Total $26,213,872.95
Company Info
Company Name Dedicated Shipping
Position VP
Wage 0%


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