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Username alpha user! zonerPM this driver(PM)
Driver Created 20-03-2011 at 02:09:11 AM (2500 days)
Current City Phoenix
CB Channel 49
Nickname z, zone, zoneman, thezone, mr zoner guy, Z Man
Driver Stats
Experience 878.1995
Driver Ranking 15 of 21,803
Odometer 3,539,565 miles
Tons Hauled 73,929
Exhaustion 80
Driver Bio
Truck Info
Name 2012 International ProStar Odometer 3,257,997 miles Engine 98.63% Top Speed 106 mph
Purchase Cost $163,258 Legal Load 41,000 lbs Body 94.45% MPG 13.372 mpg
Tier 5 Truck Load 77,575 lbs +1000 lbs Tires 86.49% Fuel Capacity 295 gallons +50
Bank Info
Cash In Hand $38,337.86
Cash In Bank $26,900,163.28
Total $26,938,501.14
Company Info
Company Name P&C Trucking Inc.
Position CEO
Wage 0%


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