Terms of Service

Terms of Service

TruckingSim.com (hereafter TruckingSim) is owned and operated by Real Online Development. Your acceptance of these Terms of Service and continuing use of the TruckingSim website forms a binding contract between you and Real Online Development.

These Terms of Service are subject to change without prior notice. Should these terms of service change your continuing use of the TruckingSim website will constitute your acceptance of the updated Terms of Service.

Access to the Website:

While Real Online Development and its partners will make every effort to provide around the clock access to TruckingSim, this is not always possible. In such circumstances you must accept that you have no right of access and that no compensation will be given for your inability to access the site.

In addition Real Online Development reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account(s) and/or ability to access TruckingSim without reason or notice at the discretion of the moderation staff.

Personal Information:

In order to access TruckingSim you must provide a valid email address through which Real Online Development can contact you. This email address will only be used for important TruckingSim notifications and to reset your login details should you require it. Your personal details will not be shared with any third party and will not be used for any advertising purposes. If you do not provide a valid email address, or fail to update it upon a change of email address, you will be unable to reset your login details and may lose access to your account. TruckingSim staff cannot access your password and will not update your email address or password for you.

User submitted content:

TruckingSim allows for multiple forms of communication via private message, “CB radio” chat boxes, and other user-editable sections. You must hold copyright or permission of use for any content that you upload to the site. Real Online Development may remove or edit any user submitted content should it breach copyright or otherwise be in conflict with the game rules.

TruckingSim code:

The game code is owned by Real Online Development with additional code licensed under GPL v3.0 and MIT licenses. You must enquire as to the license and obtain permission from Real Online Development before reusing any TruckingSim code.


In order to allow friends and family members to play together TruckingSim has a generous limit of 4 accounts from any one IP address. This includes IP addresses corresponding to public networks, schools, workplaces and other similar environments as well as your home network. Should you exceed the limit of 4 accounts on any IP address Real Online Development reserve right to permanently revoke access to all accounts contravening this rule and from all IP addresses associated with those accounts. You may not use proxies or other alternate IP addresses to create or use additional accounts.

Any moderation action taken against an account will also be taken against all accounts associated by IP address with the offending account.

Account login details may not be shared amongst users. Any user found to have shared login details or logged into an account owned or created by another user may have their access to TruckingSim permanently revoked. This includes both the transfer of accounts between users and the practice commonly known as "account sitting". If you believe you have exceptional circumstances which necessitate the sharing of account details you must notify TruckingSim administrators of your intent and reasoning prior to sharing account details. Sharing account details prior to receiving approval from TruckingSim administrators or deviating from the terms set out in any such approval may result in TruckingSim access being permanently revoked for all parties involved and any associated accounts.


All donations to TruckingSim are handled by PayPal. In order to donate to TruckingSim you must also accept any terms and conditions stipulated by PayPal. Any money paid to TruckingSim is considered a donation and as such is non-refundable.

Donations to TruckingSim confers no additional privileges except for those rewards specifically listed for donors. Donating users will not receive preferential treatment over non-donating users and are expected to conform to the same standards as required by the game rules.

Adherence to game rules:

The game rules are a non-exhaustive list. By accepting these Terms of Service you agree to play the game as it is intended to be played, in a fair manner, following the spirit of the rules in addition to any specific rules listed. Real Online Development reserve the right to modify these rules at any time or take action against your account(s) if you behave in an unfair manner that is considered detrimental to other users and/or the game. In any dispute the definition of what constitutes unfair and detrimental is defined on a case-by-case basis by Real Online Development and/or its appointed moderators. Any decision reached by moderation staff is final.


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