Basic Company Info
Company Name:  Showtime Trucking Bio:
Company CEO: Showtime
Young Company aimed at allowing drivers to keep their earned money. I have no desire to be the biggest company, just the best to drive with.

Date Created: Apr 17th 2012 at 02:16 AM
Member Information: 0 active, 6 total members (0% active)
Preferred Cargo: Milk Contracts: 71 / 84
Collection and Assistance Levels
Collection: Fuel Assistance: Repair Assistance: Ticket Assistance:
20% 10% 30% 20%
Money and Items
High Ranking Officers
Driver NameLocationCreatedPositionXP
ShowtimeDallas, Texas, US02-24-2012CEO75.0618
Cloc727New Orleans, Louisiana, US04-24-2012VP67.0278
KFloMoDallas, Texas, US04-24-2012Driver65.5870
BigShow450Dallas, Texas, US05-10-2012Showtime Trucking Contract Specialist 60.7798
Motobro17New Orleans, Louisiana, US05-02-2012HR Manager59.1695
Mdlay85New Orleans, Louisiana, US05-18-2012Showtime Trucking Accountant56.8445

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Current owned terminals
Dallas, Texas, USCompany HQ
Detroit, Michigan, USGarage
Washington, District of Columbia, USGarage
Wichita, Kansas, USGarage
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USGarage
New Orleans, Louisiana, USGarage
Corpus Christi, Texas, USGarage
Amarillo, Texas, USGarage
Jacksonville, Florida, USGarage
St. Louis, Missouri, USGarage
Houston, Texas, USGarage
Chicago, Illinois, USGarage
Atlanta, Georgia, USGarage
Richmond, Virginia, USGarage
Salt Lake City, Utah, USGarage
El Paso, Texas, USGarage
Denver, Colorado, USGarage
Las Vegas, Nevada, USGarage
Kansas City, Kansas, USGarage
Phoenix, Arizona, USGarage
Los Angeles, California, USGarage
Memphis, Tennessee, USGarage

Stock Info
Assets Stock Price Company Owned Stocks Player Owned Stocks Stocks In Bank
$-203,783.45 $-2.65 70,000 30,000 0

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